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Music collaborations


Duo BraGal 
Madalina Smocov & Roxana Morcosanu

Since their successful debut in Turin(Italy),

Duo BraGal have performed throughout Europe for important music festivals, with a classical, romantic and modern repertoire.

Duo BraGal

National Guitar Competition
"M. Ansaldi" Mondovi

The "Ansaldi" National Competition, together with the Guitar Festival, is a historic musical event, an important occasion for the various artistic realities of the area to meet: poetry, painting, music, craft art, represented by the numerous prizes awarded in all the categories.

Since 1976 the Competition has seen over 2000 competitors and more than 800 commissioners from all over Italy.



Summer Masterclasses 

Estemporanea - Frabosa Soprana


As a guitarist teacher, she collaborates with "Estemporanea" in the Masterclasses held in Frabosa Soprana (Cuneo) during the summer period. 

EXTEMPORANEA dedicates itself to young people through the didactic-musical aspect, through annual courses, workshops and masterclasses with highly qualified teachers in every field.



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